imagine you woke up one morning
to find that there is no more art on planet earth
art is not a nicety
art and artists are a necessity
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vision – values – statement

The We Love Art Project


Bring love, growth and happiness to everyone.


Love is a core value of The We Love Art Project.

Passion & Creativity is at the heart of our world.

We want to create better and meaningful worlds with great opportunities for creatives, brands and business.

We are committed to create an inspiring & creative culture movement, which acts with love and kindness.

We are driven to create the World’s Greatest Love Wall to grow brands and artists all over the world.

We believe in inspiring brands & talented artists who work together to make great things happen.

We are committed to use the creative power of brands & arts to make the world a better place.

We value and respect Women all over the world – in Life, in Business and in the Arts.

We believe in a diverse and inclusive world that fosters innovation and creativity.

We believe in acting with courage and people who follow their dreams.

We believe we all have the ability to create a more inclusive world.

We believe in human rights, equality and freedom to express.

We know, together, we can drive meaningful change.


In honor of my mother

Luana Sacchetti launched THE WE LOVE ART PROJECT 2018, in honor of her mother, Iva Di Marcantonio, single mother and immigrant from Italy based in Switzerland, who faced a variety of challenges, risks, restrictions and violence to give her two daughters strong roots, belief, love, courage and wings to fly. The impact in her community and family is a pathway of giving, bringing joy, hope and love. Thank you for your your courage driving you to stand up for others. Thank you for your unapologetic and passionate voice when it comes to speak your mind and defend the rights of women, children, young people and the ignored. Thank you for your Love.

ARTS & brands

Showcase your business, your talent, your do-good and find new business partners aligned with your Love. The WE LOVE ART PROJECT will organically evolve into an endless series of pictures with your brands vision, mission, statement, social projects, artists logos, works and visions. On THE WE LOVE ART PROJECT WALL the World watches us how we grow and bloom all together by sharing and giving back. Become a partner on the great canvas where Arts & Brands come together. Check out the exclusive rewards!

The space where brands, business, creators and artists come together

THE WE LOVE ART PROJECT is a garden, for all of us to grow, thrive and bloom.

Connect your business and brand with the World of  ∀ɹ┴S. Become an Art Lover and a piece of  ∀ɹ┴ on The We Love Art Wall.

Where the world of ARTS, brands and business

meet. connect.  interact. cooperate.

The We Love Art Project believes in the givers gain. Love is a core value of The We Love Art Project. Giving back drives who we are, what we believe in and what we do. We believe that we all have a social responsibility, and that together we can drive a meaninful change. We are here to inspire all of you do your part to help create a better and sustainable future for all. We strive to create long-term value and positive impact through our movement. Passion, Love & Creativity is at the heart of our world. Our «WHY» is demonstrated in our actions of love. We strive to  support arts&projects, women in the arts, moms and elderly people struggling with poverty, children, young people, and the ignored. Your purchase on THE WE LOVE ART WALL helps support our Social Goodness work. The We Love Art Project gives a third of all profits to projects & people who have fewer resources to make their dreams come true. Let’s create a future, we can be proud of. Together we make it better.

A tidal wave of change

The smallest act of love is like a  single drop of water falling into the ocean.

Even the smallest of ripples can start a tidal wave of change.