Luana Sacchetti is an Italian artist based in Rorschach, Switzerland. Her work focuses on the sensual desires in our modern world. Her style is influenced by Art-Deco, Art-Nouveau, Modern Art, Post-impressionism and Pop-art.

Born in Rome in a family of artists, she was raised in Italy until her parents moved to Switzerland. After completing her business education she studied further within the fields of foreign languages, journalism, advertising, marketing and arts. Since 1995 she lives at the Lake of Constance in Switzerland. She devoted herself intensively to painting and writing. The Roman roots from her father’s side and the Adriatic influence from her mother’s side are reflected in the passionate conversion of her works.

Long inspired by ancient Greek and Roman art, as well as the art movements, and the bold shapes of the early 20th century, Italian Artist Luana Sacchetti creates striking figurative oil and acrylic paintings.

In  her creations she celebrates  the beauty of women, in all its manifestations. Fascinating views, on the wistful search for beauty. The harmonious, perfect forms, the sensuous aesthetic shapes sensitize the sensual bodily perception and experience, transporting visitors into magical worlds.  In her artistic expression she unites in colour, form and motive the spirit of the times: present, past and future.

The aesthetics treat onlookers to a veritable symphony for the senses.  Her works are powerfully seductive compositions of strength, beauty and elegance. Unexpectedly the viewer dances with playful moments of the spirit, until the soul passionately relishes, lost in pleasurable moments of love, beauty and warmth. Art Deco? Art nouveau? Modern Art? Post-Impressionism with „cloisonné’s“ of pioneer Gauging or simply a cocktail mixture in which the various styles were then additionally developed and refined by the artist? Her style is intrinsically and unique and stands out among others. Her touch of brush comes from her soul.

With a passionate pencil stub and a sensual dream

Luana Sacchetti’s artistic journey started at the tender age of three years. To distract the lively young girl with the effervescent spirit her “desperate” mother innocently placed a pencil stub and a ballpoint pen in her little hands.

With her first hieroglyphics-like symbols she decorated everything what the immediate surroundings offered her as potential painting surface. Once paper run out, she cheerfully went on scribbling on the wallpaper. “La mamma” and the Landlord were “not really amused”.

Once the embargo on the domestic walls was imposed, the young “creative director” found new playgrounds to express her artistic talent. In decorating the wooden bed slats of her bunk bed she found a new exciting creative challenge. Instead of sleeping at night she dipped the children’s bedroom in colour. Unlike her crayons, which became shorter and shorter her nights became longer and longer and her desire to create, greater and greater.

„In art I can express the visible magic happening in my invisible soul.“

The passion grew and with it the ardent desire to capture sensual beauty for eternity. In drawings, paintings, photography and written expression she found her own unmistakable style. Luana Sacchetti’s artistic work is a written and painted poetry for the senses. The artist captures everyday moments in the mysterious and mesmerizing universe of women giving insights into intimate desires and most private moments.

The little girl with the great hungry eyes, who dreamed her dreams under the majestic cupola in Rome’s Pantheon, still lives in her. Some of her secret children’s dreams are still fluttering under the vaulted rotunda.

„Sensuality is the nectar that nourishes the senses in a garden of emotions.“ – Luana Sacchetti